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Cebu: Not Missing My Sunrise

Date: May 21, 2017

In every beach trip that I had, it’s a rare moment for me to capture a sunrise. And a remarkable one.
It’s very overwhelming seeing the sun rises and lights up, and when flowers and trees blossom to welcome the morning. The feeling of warmness – not hot and roasty, when it reached your cold skin from the chilly night that has passed.

I had the opportunity to witness and feel these all last Sunday at the Pacific Resorts at Mactan Cebu. I thanked my phone alarm for waking me up on time from a short deep slumber.  🙂

The company summer event was held before noon and since I’m part of the decoration committee, I had the chance to stay overnight at the resort. As always, I never want to miss the sun in the beginning of the day, coming up from the sea horizon. Indeed! It’s always beautiful.

The company event was a successful one, and I’m quite proud that volunteerism is beginning to root inside of me. Just as my love for sunrise and sunset. The unexplainable feeling when I’m looking at these moments of time has rooted and continuously inside my soul. 🙂




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