Oslob Cebu: Sumilon Clear Waters

Oslob is a famous spot for tourist in Cebu. It is a 3-4 hours travel from the city. I've been here few times already. One of the attractions, aside from the nice beaches, are the Sumilon Island and Whale watching. There is a sandbar in Sumilon Island and the water is crystal clear. We had [...]

Corregidor Island: A Look Back to History

Date: January 1-2, 2015                 While on the boat from Manila going to Corregidor Island, I can't contain the anticipation I was feeling. I remembered when I was a kid, through our history classes, that this place witnessed the bravery of our people, our country. Aside from that, [...]

Camiguin: Phone Camera As My Buddy

Date: June 25-28, 2014 You'll notice by now or soon that my pictures were taken through a mobile camera 🙂 Yes, 'cause I find it more handy. I'm not into photography and I'm not an expert in looking for what they so called "good angles". I always believe that the experience is what most matters [...]