Cebu: Not Missing My Sunrise

Date: May 21, 2017 In every beach trip that I had, it's a rare moment for me to capture a sunrise. And a remarkable one. It's very overwhelming seeing the sun rises and lights up, and when flowers and trees blossom to welcome the morning. The feeling of warmness - not hot and roasty, when [...]

Cebu: Island Hopping in Mactan

Date: April 22, 2017   When I think of summer, I always relate it to the word "beach". Though not all might think of it, but I know for sure most of the Cebuanos start thinking of beach-scapades when summer strikes around March and usually ends on May. These are the months when the heat [...]

Leyte: From Lechon to San Juanico Bridge

Date: October 13 - 15,  2015 My mother was born in Leyte and talks in "Waray". At home, my mother talks to us in Cebuano or "Waray". I got used to it but never learned to speak her language. When I was in Tacloban, It was not difficult for me to understand them though some [...]

Corregidor Island: A Look Back to History

Date: January 1-2, 2015                 While on the boat from Manila going to Corregidor Island, I can't contain the anticipation I was feeling. I remembered when I was a kid, through our history classes, that this place witnessed the bravery of our people, our country. Aside from that, [...]

Boracay – The Finest Sand I’ve Ever Met

Date: September 2013 White fine sand, clear water and adventure.. to Boracay it is! I've been to different beaches but for me, no one has beaten Boracay so far. Walking from Station 1 to Station 3 was tiresome but it was worth it. My friends and I tried the Parasailing, Helmet Driving and Island Hopping. We [...]