Singapore: Night of Music

Date: May 2, 2017


I’ve mentioned from my previous post that this was the main purpose of coming to SG.
This was my very first rock concert!  I am not really into this kind of genre but I listen to some songs in this category. Sometimes because I heard it in a movie or saw it sung by a local singer. Nevertheless, I know this one would be good because the band is playing all over the world for decades already.
From our hotel, we walked to the Kallang Theatre where the concert will be held which was not that far. The Kallang Theatre is at the back of Singapore’s National Stadium. When we arrived at the theatre, it was already crowded with people wearing t-shirts with the band’s name. Speaking of die-hard fans, some were oldies but still looking cool. There was a booze booth for those who want to have some alcohol. Before it started, we had 2 pints of beer to hype us up.

The concert was not what I expected. It was really awesome! I was jumping and shouting almost the whole time. So, when it was over, I felt like I walked a thousand miles. 🙂

We spent our last night looking at the harbour, appreciating its beauty for the last time before heading back home the next morning. Even for the little time we had, we got to share an amazing trip together. I can’t wait to see another rock concert soon or another adventure! 🙂



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