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Kalinga: Our Way to Buscalan

Date: September 28-29 We finished our Banaue tour after lunch and started our way to Bontoc then Buscalan. We had a stop over in Bontoc to buy food and decided to take our lunch along the way to save time. Before I talk about my personal encounter with the person I so long to meet,… Continue reading Kalinga: Our Way to Buscalan

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Banaue Ifugao: The Scenic Rice Terraces of the Philippines

Date: September 27-28   When I was in elementary, in our history subject, Philippine's rice terraces was introduced as one of the eight wonders of the world. In my young mind, I always thought that this land form was a staircase to somewhere creepy, like a castle on top or a passage to a different… Continue reading Banaue Ifugao: The Scenic Rice Terraces of the Philippines

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Cebu: Bantayan Island Biking Experience

Date: June 16-17, 2018 One of the things I love during summer (though sometimes hate how summer feels here in Cebu - you're like being barbequed and all you wish all day is to pour on the coldest water) is you always have the reason to splurge yourself to the beach. Living in a tropical… Continue reading Cebu: Bantayan Island Biking Experience

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Bucas Grande and Suhoton Cove in Surigao

Date: October 7-10, 2017 Part of our itinerary is to experience the charm of Bucas Grande Islands & Sohoton Cove. Bucas Grande islands are home of numerous caves, mangroves, underwater life such as jellyfishes and fishes, bats, birds and pitcher plants. From Cemetery Point in Siargao, we rented a boat for PHP5000 (8 person) to… Continue reading Bucas Grande and Suhoton Cove in Surigao

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Siargao: A Non-Surfer’s Dream

Date: October 7-10, 2017   This is the first entry of my Siargao Island trip which is one to tick off from my October list.  I can't wait to start writing about the things I've done in the 4D/3N stay in the island. I actually wasn't considering it as just a trip but instead a… Continue reading Siargao: A Non-Surfer’s Dream