John Green: The Faults in Our Stars

The Faults in our Stars by: John Green Summary: Hazel Grace Lancaster is a young girl living with cancer. Her mother believes she is depressed so Hazel attends a cancer support group in the basement of a church. Hazel is delighted to see a handsome named Augustus Waters. Augustus has lost one of his legs [...]

Paulo Coelho – Brida

Brida By: Paulo Coelho Summary: The book tells the story of Brida O 'Fern, a 21-year-old Irishwoman in search of magic and hidden powers. During her search, Brida meets a magician, Mage of Folk, who promises to teach her through the Tradition of the Sun, which explains everything through nature and its divine manifestations. But [...]

Paulo Coelho – Aleph

Aleph by Paulo Coelho Summary: Transform your life. Rewrite your destiny. In his most personal novel to date, internationally best-selling author Paulo Coelho returns with a remarkable journey of self-discovery. Like the main character in his much-beloved The Alchemist, Paulo is facing a grave crisis of faith. As he seeks a path of spiritual renewal [...]

By Helen

BY: Helen Keller "Life is either a daring adventure or nothing. Security does not exist in nature, nor do the children of men as a whole experience it. Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than exposure." ------------------------------------------------------ "Smell is a potent wizard that transports you across thousands of miles and all the [...]

Paulo Coelho – Veronika Decides to Die

Veronika Decides to Die by Paulo Coelho Summary: The story begins on 11th November 1997, the day Veronika decides that now the day has arrived for her to kill herself so she cleans the room she rented in the convent, brushed her teeth and lay down on the bed. She has all the things in [...]


Never be afraid if love makes you weak. For me, there is no man greater than those who accept that love makes them different, made them once a fool.  That an exquisite, vivacious feeling has captured once our souls to give meaning to our existence. And, causes us to believe, and like a little child, [...]