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Cebu: A Day Trek To Sirao Peak

Date: May 19, 2018

Sirao Peak has been a go-to place for climber and trekkers, and most especially to adventure seekers. The last time I’ve been here which was two years ago, I had taken the easiest trail and that was to commute by a van through the main road and walk a few distance to the peak. That was easy-peasy. It was an overnight camping so we didn’t plan to take the longer route.

See my story here : Sirao Peak: An Overnight Stay with the Moon and Stars
This time, I, together with my colleagues tried the day trek with a longer and a more challenging trail. The trail is from Baugo which’s a Barangay at the upper part of Talamban Cebu, going to the rocky track of Kabang Falls and climbing to the mountainous part of Budlaan up to the Sirao Peak.

From Gaisano Grand Mall, we rode a motorcycle to Baugo, Budlaan where the jump-off site was. From there, we started off on a forest hike until we reached the rocky trail of Kabang Falls and Budlaan Falls. Here, we had little struggles walking over the big rocks and passing through the stony path without hurting ourselves. Luckily, I had no scratch or bruises but at one time I bumped my knee on a rock but it wasn’t that hard enough. I’m still lucky, right?



While going to the waterfalls, we passed on a small heart-shaped rock formation. I called it little heart lake. See the pic below. Does it look like a heart to you?

When we got to the falls, the exhaustion had gone away. I didn’t expect to see a waterfall just near the city. Not one but two waterfalls. We stopped at the foot of the waterfalls for a little while to take pics and enjoy the view.





We stopped for an hour to have our lunch. Then as we continued on our journey, there’s now a change of scenery. From a rocky path, it’s now all green. I’ve seen tall trees, grasses, fruits, gardens of colorful flowers and cows! Yes, I had taken a picture of cows chilling under the sun. A nice pair of them.

Just look at the tree (picture below) standing in the middle. It has a lighter shade of green that I haven’t seen before. Its color makes it unique. I’d like to get some rest under there but we were running out of time. We were really excited to reach the peak.






Even if this journey was no longer a piece of cake, and was so tiring, still nothing beats the feeling when you stepped on the peak and see the magnificent view. The clouds were background-worthy with the city view as your backdrop. This was the same peak we had our camping. It’s still the same amazing place I knew.

While getting this picture, I realized I’d like to do this again. Why not?





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