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Tabuelan: Paradise on the Northside

Date: May 5-6, 2018

I’ve been away of this platform for quite a long time I think- yeah, around 5 months of hiatus. For the past months, I was very loaded with work and work and work but don’t regret anyway. Work has been my another version of freshly brewed coffee, it makes me alive and productive.

So much for that. Let me talk about summer again. I had already planned out what to do this year. Maybe going to one or two beaches somewhere in the country and go to somewhere countryside, or else climb mountains. Aside from, I’m now quite conscious of spending so much money, I have to make sure those places that I’m about to go are really worth it. I’m legitimately adulting I guess.

Last week, we went up north in Cebu with my colleagues. I never been to Tabuelan before and I didn’t expect it to be having this nice white sand beach. Most of the well known resorts are in the south so I wasn’t expecting Tabuelan to be at par but I was wrong. Just by writing this makes me think of going back and enjoy the waters.

From the North Bus Terminal, we rode a 6:00 am trip to Tabuelan proper for 2 and a half hour and then on tricycle for almost half an hour to where we will be staying overnight. The accommodation was good even though it’s not at the beach front but a 50 meters walk away from it. We got two aircon rooms good for 18-23 persons, depending on sleeping positions. In case you want to know, the name of the place is Beach Top at Maravilla.

I had so much fun taking pictures along the way to the shore. I saw colorful flowers and dogs playing and sleeping on the sand. They were so cool to look at while they sleep peacefully. We played fun games on the shore until the afternoon. And of course, I didn’t miss the much awaited sunset. I dipped into the water and felt the fine sand on my feet I had to take my slippers off while swimming.

We planned to have a night swimming but unlucky it was low tide. Still, we enjoyed the beach by checking on starfishes and small shrimps in the sand.  The next morning, we had breakfast on the shore and had a short swimming time before we head back to the city.

My first of summer this year was already a blast. And now I’m looking forward to more trips.
















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