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Bohol: From Padre Pio’s Chapel to Balicasag Diving Resort

Date: November 18-19


Last month, I was luckily invited to a wedding in Bohol. The last time I was here was like a year ago. Bohol has been a go-to place for most of the Cebuanos especially during summer. As far as I could remember, I never declined any invitation to this place, may it be a wedding or an eat-all-you can fiesta! Bohol has so much to offer – from historical sites, rare animals, sanctuaries, the Chocolate hills, virgin islands and white sand beaches. No wonder, this has been a famous tourist spot for locals and foreigners.

From Cebu, we road a boat overnight for 4 hours to Tagbilaran Port. We stayed at Kode Inn which was just near the port area and around 30 minutes ride to Panglao. The day after the wedding, we went to Dumaluan Beach Resort in Panglao to start our island hopping activity. I had consumed so much food and way much drinks from the reception 😉 and I felt very bloated. I just wanna dip myself in the water and burn all those foods left in my stomach.

From Dumaluan beach, our host rented a boat which was good for 40 person. The plan was to stop to 3 islands: the Padre Pio’s Chapel, Virgin Island and Balicasag Diving Resort.

Padre Pio’s Chapel

The clouds where thick and was about to rain when we reached Padre Pio’s Chapel. In the island, you’ll find a statue of St. Padre Pio and a big rosary floating on the sea. Staying in the island has no fee, only donation. Also, there’s a small chapel in there where you can offer prayers. In the long boardwalk (longest so far I’ve ever seen), you can have a wide view of the sea and the island. And enjoy the sandbar as you take some selfies or groupies.

P_20171119_114703_HDR (1)




P_20171119_120354_HDR (1)

Virgin Island

This is our second stop. This island has not much to see aside from the sandbar itself and white sands. When I had my first look upon arriving, I jokingly thought that I already found the place where boats hang out! Yeah, that was not very funny at all but I thought it was at that moment. You’ll be greeted with vendors that offer seafoods and accessories so better have some extras especially when you want to try out the seafoods freshly cooked and eaten in a nice view from the sandbar.


Balicasag Diving Resort

Bring bread and be greeted with a bunch of colorful fishes. Snorkeling and diving are the best things to do in here.

It was then became sunny when we got here so the water was so clear, I can already see the corals and fishes from below. After an hour of dipping and vis-à-vis with fishes, we went back to Dumaluan Beach and finished the day with so much food. Yes! All the foods were already nowhere felt in my stomach and all I was thinking while docking at the shore was to jump off from the boat and start to munch. 🙂

I went back to Cebu too exhausted but hey! the travel and food was worth it so no regrets!

P_20171119_135635 (1)

P_20171119_133749_HDR (1)



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