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Malaysia: The Aquaria and National Museum

The Aquaria and National Museum exploration are two for the books! There are many things to learn when you get to these places.  I just loved the interesting things I saw and learned, and how much I enjoyed after.

(I won’t complain on the sore feet and sweat-sticky feeling I had when I got back to the hotel. 🙂 )


I’ve seen a real smiling stingrays and lots of piranhas! Though I was expecting big sharp teeth for piranhas as I’ve imagined, but on the contrary,  they looked just like ordinary fishes. Thank God, the aquarium had given me no chance of putting in my thumb for a test.

Aquaria KLCC is a world-class oceanarium. This is located within the Kuala Lumpur City Center, below the KL Convention Center and just a few walks from the Petronas Twin Tower. This is just like the Ocean Park in Manila, but this is way bigger.  Imagine yourself being housed in the same room with different aquatic animals. And I got to touch some of them too!  We paid 69MYR for the entrance fee. Quite costly(for me 🙂 ) but was worth it.








Muzium Negara (National Museum)

The National Museum is a few walks away from the Botanical Lake Garden. Entering the gate heading to the museum, there were display of vintage cars, planes, war vessel and trains around. I stopped longer at the plane, checking it out for a ride but seems it’s off limit eh. 🙂

The museum is divided into four Galleries. There are 4 rooms for each gallery.

Gallery A is “Early History”; Gallery B is “The Malay Kingdoms”; Gallery C is “Colonial Era”; Gallery D is “Malaysia Today”.  Make sure not to be lost in gallery sequence. For 5MYR entrance fee, I had an educational history tour but not about the Philippines though.

In the Early History room, I saw, what maybe the oldest jars, bones, skeletons, jewelries, stones and the culture of ancient settlers in Malaysia during the Paleolithic age. Moving from Gallery A to the succeeding rooms B, C, and D, you’ll discover how rich the Malaysian culture is and how the country progressed as the time went by until today – with their scenic skyscrapers and modern architectures.

P_20171022_152935_HDR (1)

P_20171022_160106_HDR (1)

P_20171022_160223_HDR (1)







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