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#PinkOctober: Breast Cancer Awareness 12K Run

Date: October 15, 2017

October has been a very special month for me. Usually, I make sure that I do something new or extraordinary within the whole span of the month – it can be travelling to a new place, eating in a fancy resto or doing something out of my comfort zone. I have read from somewhere that if age is a level (just like in games) instead of numbers, then I can already consider myself as “badass”. Now, you can already guess why this month is special for me?

There are a lot of things I am excited to do this month, and one of them is already ticked off in the list. Few years ago, when I was in the stage of being conscious with my weight and body, I went through different research of what’s the best diet or physical exercises just to make those bulges and baby fats go. But of all the things I tried, I never consider running as one of the best and never had done it.

As I run through how good food & active lifestyle can help me, part of it is knowing what are the different ailments or diseases I can avoid and one of them is cancer. When I was younger, the “cancer” word for me sounds something morbid. Yes, forgive me but I’m quite scared when I hear this word or a word with it. Maybe, long time ago, people were just like me. They’re scared to let others know that they have one or they feel like an outcast when having this disease and the only thing they get from people is pity instead of encouragement. And this leads to depression.

But now, the world has changed it’s view about cancer. Voices and tales of cancer survivors have inspired the world to be active in spreading the good news and how we can help ourselves and loved ones to be vigilant and be aware of it. Women with breast cancer are not merely cancer patients but cancer warriors who need our supports in winning their fights.

The #PinkOctober run made me feel a warrior in my own fight. Finishing the 12K run had inspired me to encourage everybody to start taking care of oneself, not for own’s well-being but also for those people & family who care, who are waiting for us at home.

See you at next year’s #PinkOctober #BreastCancerAwarenessMonth!



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