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Singapore: To the Merlion We Go!

Date: May 1, 2017

While sitting, waiting for my board to Singapore, I was anxiously excited. This trip was planned few months ago to watch a metal band concert and get to tour few of Singapore’s beautiful spots.

We only have 2 days to spend (excluding travel time) and squeezing in places to visit is quite tough. I had few places in mind  but one place is for sure – seeing the Merlion for real!

The plane travel was quite long for me who haven’t gone too far beyond Asia but thanks to the book I brought. Reading kills time, sure it is.

I was in awe when I arrived in Changi International Airport. I know now why it is called the best airport in the world. I wanted to roam around before going to our place but I was so tired, my body wanna lie down on the floor. From the airport, we shopped for food then rest at the Destination Hotel. Our hotel was located at Beach Road which was near to the concert place and harbour area.

The morning came, we started off strolling to the Bugis+ to get our tickets for the concert the next day. Then walked to the Quayside up to the Merlion Park. It’s sunny – a nice weather to go walking. After an hour or two of feet exercise, thanks to the flat pavements,  and picture-taking here and there, exhaustion came over but everything was worth it when we reached the Merlion Park and saw the Merlion for ourselves. One in my bucketlist is checked.
We sat on the stairs where the Merlion was standing and feed ourselves with the picturesque. The whole view was magnificent! I was seeing my phone’s wallpaper for real!
I’ve took almost a hundred of pictures but these are my most fave 🙂





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