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Singapore: Flower Dome and Cloud Forest

Date: May 1, 2017

In the airport while walking to the immigration booth, I saw a picture of the Flower Dome. And I was like “I am going there”. I know there are a lot of places to go to in Singapore like the Universal Studios, Botanic Garden or the zoo but if I have to choose where to go first? that would be where the flowers bloom.

So after the Merlion Park, we went to the Garden by the Bay where Flower Dome and Cloud Forest are located. While getting near the place, I was actually imagining of butterflies flying around, hoping I could get to see one.

Flower Dome was extraordinary. Yeah a bit exaggerated from someone who has not been in a big air-conditioned dome with exotic plants and trees. The tulips, oh! , they were so amazing and colorful. And there were themed gardens from all over the world which I dreamt of seeing for real in the future. The different  variety of plants were worth seeing. And be more, when we went to the Cloud Forest where an indoor waterfall was standing. Wow! the place was literally a rain forest copycat. The water coming down from the falls is so strong and splashing around so be ready to get wet.

In the falls are pathways that you can walk on to go to the higher part that are covered with plants and see the water falls from the top, while having a view of the Marina Sands Bay at the outside from the glass wall.

The night came, just as we about to go stroll around more outside, Garden Rhapsody then started. The whole place became a musical theater as the spectacular Supertrees illuminate the night sky in musical tunes. I can no longer remember what the song was played but It’s really magical.

My first choice is the best! But didn’t see any butterflies though.





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