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Cebu: Island Hopping in Mactan

Date: April 22, 2017


When I think of summer, I always relate it to the word “beach”. Though not all might think of it, but I know for sure most of the Cebuanos start thinking of beach-scapades when summer strikes around March and usually ends on May.
These are the months when the heat index reaches up to 40 centigrade and sometimes higher. And all you can think of is dipping yourself in sea water. Some would endure a 2-4 hour bus ride just to go to the wonderful beaches in the south or northern part but some would prefer to be just nearby, especially those that are living in the city and are not up for a long journey.

Island Hopping in Mactan Cebu is one of the most sought-after activity for those who want to spend a day in the sea without travelling far. From Cordova RoRo Port, we rode a boat to be able to tour around the islands. You can hop in to these islands- Nalusuan, Kaohagan, Gilutungan, Sulpa, Olanggo and Pandanon, usually depending on your package. If you are going to enter each island, there is a corresponding entrance fee. But if you feel more like just staying in the water, it’s always free. At most, you can visit 3 islands in a day. 🙂



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