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San Remegio: A Wedding Invitation

Date: November 13, 2016

I was invited to a wedding of one of my friends at work. Yes, it’s wasn’t my wedding. 🙂

San Remegio is in the northern part of Cebu and can be reached by a bus from the North Terminal station. The travel was a bit exhausting but was totally gone when we arrived at San Remegio Beach Club resort. My friends and I stayed in one of the big rooms which is good for groups, and talked all night long. That was a lot of catching up 🙂 The wedding reception was held at one of the function rooms in the resort.

There were couple of things I’ve realized during my stay there. That friendship will stay and won’t lost through the years. It’s as if months or years of growing apart seems just like yesterday but this time more maturely. Just like love, it’ll never be lost. It stays in us. But the tough thing is how to handle that feeling when everything changes. Will you go for it forever, or let it go when you can no longer hold on to it. But one thing is for sure, it will never dies.

I had a fun time there! 🙂




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