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Hong Kong: Day 1 – All around the Central

Date: October 1, 2016

When I arrived at the Hongkong International Airport and walked past outside, I was welcomed by the humid air. No sun, or clouds and the warmness felt like home. I got my Octopus card, swiped it up in the bus going to Mong Kok where we had stayed for 3 days. My first day was mainly touring around the island. On mid day we went to the Central District by train and boat. We stroll around the plaza, street and fed our eyes with skyscrapers.  We went to Hong Kong Space Museum, watched a space-tacular  show about outer space, then walked to the Harbour to watch for fireworks. After which, we had a Chinese dinner and went back to Mong Kok to retire for the night.

The first thing that amused me and got my attention was their way of transport. The train! It’s fast and comfy. Except maybe during rush hour where it runs out of seats and crowded. Nevertheless, I liked it and wished it routes back to Cebu 🙂

I just realized that I never taken many pictures of all the places we were into. I was engrossed with the sight-seeing and half wish, the day would not end soon. 🙂







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