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Bohol – A Day Itinerary

Date: June 18-19, 2016

I’ve been to Bohol twice. The first time was with my colleagues on an island hopping adventure and dolphin watching. And I always love the Panglao Beach. It’s like the Boracay of Bohol.

What I did in 24 hours?

I stayed in Bohol Beach Club. The place is a good choice for those who wants to splurge a little and have some luxury space.  It has its own big pool and a nice view of the sea so your money is worth it.

First stop was  the Blood Compact Shrine. What amazed me was the view you can get when you stand just beside the shrine.

Second is the Tarsier Sanctuary. Hush, Hush, for the little Tarsier monkeys are sleeping. Keeping your quiet is the top most policy so better keep the things you wanna say on your own and do it when you’re already outside.

Third is Bohol Python and Wildlife Park. Had a face-to-face with Prony the python, and other zoo animals.

Fourth, stopped at Loboc River and Baclayon Church to take pics.

No Chocolate Hills on this trip for 24 hours is almost over and we need to sleep. I will add it on my plan soon I come back. I enjoyed the day tour. Not bad for a 24-hour trip. 🙂



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