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Badian: Beach to Canyoneering

Date: April 30 – May 1, 2016

I don’t know how to swim but canyoneering, I dared to do it.

Lambug in Badian is a famous beach. You can see people on their tents, sitting on the sand or swimming, enjoying the clear water. My friends and I had spent a night there to enjoy the beach before heading to Alegria for our canyoneering adventure the next day. I’ve never been so excited. Swimming is not my skill yet, but my strong heart is enough. And my desire to plunge into the water from mid air!

The Canyoneering activity was really exciting and heart-fainting experience. We jumped from cliffs onto the waters, slide on rocks and swam in between, with our life jacket of course. That was the only thing I had a full trust on at that moment.

After around 6 hours, we reached Kawasan Falls, our final destination and had our food there served.

I won’t ever forget the canyoneering experience and hope to do it again. This has helped me big to overcome my fear of water. But still I need to know how to swim soon. 🙂




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