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Sirao Peak: An Overnight Stay with the Moon and Stars

Date: March 20, 2016

Aside from my crazy love for sunset, moon and stars are my greatest favorites.

My siblings and I decided to look for a place where we can be near the stars and moon, not literally of course. Sirao Peak has been on my bucket list since then so I decided to crash it out soon while hoping that the weather is so kind to agree with our adventure.

My prayers were answered when we went to the peak. Sunny weather with a bit of coolness in the air. Just as we wanted. We were lucky to witness the sun setting, saying goodbye to us, ending the nice day.

I strongly advise for an overnight camping. You can get to see a clearer sky. The stars where shining brighter and the moon  was bigger from the spot we had our tents on.

And big group of rocks are waiting for you to sit on them while you enjoy the view of the city at night, gaping.  🙂



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