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Cebu: A Glimpse of Sinulog

It is said that Sinulog is the biggest festival in the country and I agree to it. Every year, Cebu is visited by different people across the globe to witness its grandest celebration. This is the time of the year also when families are gathered together to celebrate the feast of Senior Sto. Niño – the main reason why Sinulog is celebrated.

There are a lot of things to look forward to before the Mardi Gra Day. Weeks before the 3rd Sunday of January, a lot of activites are being held. There are concerts, contests, parades and music all around the city.

I never missed Sinulog yet. And hope I won’t miss any of it. I always have good memories during Sinulog with my friends and families whether it can be walking around the city and seeing nice stuffs or watching a mini concert of some of our favorite artists, or dance to those blasting sounds on the sidewalks.

And I won’t ever forget that during these times, walking is the greatest form of exercise. 🙂

sinulog 7


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