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Manila: Day 3 – A Walk to Luneta, Intramuros and Ocean Park

Date: November 15, 2015

This was the most exhausting day in Manila but the most fulfilling one . We woke up early with my friend Dave to get a ride to the Luneta Park. It was still early around 6 am but there were already people around the park, jogging, biking and walking.

When you are in Intramuros, you’ll feel like you are traveling time to the Spanish era. There were old houses, structures and old prisons. We walked around, took some pictures and enjoyed the scenery.

SM Mall of Asia (MOA) was yes a busy mall. It was weekend so there were a lot of people and families around the area. We went around window shopping before going to Ocean Park.

Ocean Park tour was very educational. The very nice part was when we went into the JellyFish Room. A room of different kind of jellyfishes. The room was dark so that you can get to see the jellyfishes light up in various colors and forms.

It was indeed a long day for us. But one of the things we were so happy for was when we rode a train. Yes! a train which is not in Cebu yet. We hope to ride more trains in the future in Manila or another country. 🙂





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