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Manila: Day 2 – Enchanted Kingdom Magic

Date:  November 14, 2015

Enchanted Kingdom has welcomed me in full magic !  In the plane I was imagining the roller coaster and the other extreme rides I’ve been wanting to try. I remembered I had a map of this place when I was a kid and dreamt of coming here in the future. And I made my dream come true!

It wasn’t that hard for us to reach this beautiful kingdom, thanks to a kind-hearted friend, Jennie, who had a wheel (courtesy of her Auntie) so we didn’t need to commute and be stuck in traffic. By the way, this same friend had let us stay at theirs for free, yes!  so we didn’t booked any accommodation for this Manila trip. How lucky right?

It was a sunny Saturday, and as expected, the place was crowded.  I was a little worried I can’t try the rides that I want.  The lines were long so we opted to start those extreme rides – the thrilling, heart-stopping ones.

Here are the rides that made us call all the saints and drained our vocal chords.

Space Shuttle – I tried this first and never regretted. I didn’t remember anything aside from my constant shouting. I can’t even remember what happened in the few minutes I was sitting there and was holding on to my dear life. This was really extreme. And I tell you, not good for faint-hearted people.

Anchor’s Away – This ride is quite deceiving. Looked like you just sit in the big boat, be a pirate for a few minutes, be swung while making some whistles and that’s it. But I was wrong. I can’t imagine how I prayed to not be flying out or around from the boat anytime soon.

Air Race– This one is funny. Why? You are flipped 360 degrees and you can’t hold back your laughs when you’re being put upside-down with all of your hair hanging below and at the same time seeing the others too look like they’re from the ring movie. Funny right? Or is it me?

We want to try the tower and the others but we ran out of time so we looked for something we don’t need to line up and found the horror house, they called “Pagpag”. It was more than funny than scary when you get to cross the shaking bridge. I don’t know, it just made me laugh.

And before leaving the magical place, I got a good souvenir – a tumbler with the wizard of the kingdom. 🙂




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