Leyte and Samar · Philippines · Travel

Leyte: From Lechon to San Juanico Bridge

Date: October 13 – 15,  2015

My mother was born in Leyte and talks in “Waray“. At home, my mother talks to us in Cebuano or “Waray”. I got used to it but never learned to speak her language. When I was in Tacloban, It was not difficult for me to understand them though some are confusing especially when they talk too fast.

Being in Leyte reminds me of my childhood years. When we go to the province to visit on fiesta or go swimming in clean rivers.

I was waiting in anticipation as I look at the pig being roasted in a sack of charcoal. This is one of the best foods during fiesta and would never miss to sneak in a bit of a crispy skin.

From Lechon eating, we had a picnic in the river with boiled bananas then went to the MacArthur Park straight to San Juanico Bridge. It was a happy experience especially that I had  found my second “Nanay” and “Tatay” and family there. And they want me to go back there again, fiesta or not  🙂



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