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Bacolod – Masskara Festival and The Ruins

Date: October 16-18, 2015


October again! Apologies, but I just love to brag about October as my favorite month.

Early this year, my friends and I wanted to see and join the Masskara Festival in Bacolod. Coming from a place where the grandest festivals are held, we know Masskara will be much colorful and exciting.

In Bacolod, we have chosen a place to stay in the downtown area so it wasn’t difficult for us to look for jeepneys going to places we planned to visit. But to tell you, we were more willing to use our feet than to commute.

The first day was mostly touring around the city and foods! Yes! I’ve known that the place has good cake and pastry shops. And we won’t miss it.

Calea – Where we had our cake hoarding. We were so amazed by the variety of cakes that looked sooo yummy we wanted to taste them all. Cakes aren’t my fave but looking at the beautiful slices made me drool. And to pair it with black coffee was perfect.

C’s –  I won’t ever forget this place which is across Calea. In this place I had sipped my first ever coffee with alcohol. I’m a coffee lover and a bit of a drinker but to combine them in just one sip is a dream come true 🙂 Of course, I was already 21 years old when I had it.

Electric Masskara Parade – This is usually held the night before the Mardi Gra day. This is a parade of floats and much dancing in colorful lights and costumes.

Masskara Land – You heard about “Tomorrowland”? Yes, imagine it as like that. DJ’s from around the country were up to drop beats and this is so much dancing. Good for us, we had prepared our dancing shoes and saved some moves.

The “Ruins” Mansion – This was the highlight of our Bacolod trip.  The mansion is called the “Taj Mahal” of Negros. If you know why “Taj Mahal” was built, then this mansion was for that too. A love story that must be told.

Going inside the mansion takes you to a different kind of feeling. Or was it just me? The floors, the ceiling and the grand stair had me imagining what it was like when it wasn’t destroyed yet.

Art District – Wait! Aside from the “Ruins” that screams art, there’s a place in Bacolod where you can see arrays of artworks and mural displays. Also, all around the area are bars. So if you are up to a cold drink and be cozy, this is the ideal place to be. You shouldn’t miss the festive atmosphere of the place.

We had a great time in Bacolod we wanted to stay longer… But as always, time to go home.

To complete our Bacolod experience, we went to the famous BongBong’s to buy pasalubongs. I remembered we spent a great amount of time choosing what to buy. There were so many to choose!





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