Bacolod – Masskara Festival and The Ruins

Date: October 16-18, 2015

Nabs, Paula and I wanted to see the Masskara Festival and part of it is to tour Bacolod City, and to see the mansion they called “The Ruins”. The place where we stayed in Bacolod was near the downtown area so it’s not difficult for us to look for jeepney going to the places we want to visit. During the Mardi Gra day we had seen the parade, went to the mall and carnival where we rode a roller coaster and ferris wheel, and had our cake hoarding in Calea. During the night, we’ve seen the electric Masskara parade and danced in Masskara Land. Hours before leaving Bacolod, we didn’t miss to visit the famous “The Ruins” mansion. The place was a work of art. When we went inside, we felt like we were transported in to another time period.  After our day dreaming at the Mansion while looking at the fountain in the garden area, we decided stop our reverie and go to Pala Pala Seafood house to eat our lunch.

Before our flight going back to Cebu,  we bought delicacies at BongBong’s pastry shop where we were confused what to buy. Actually we bought all kinds to have a taste of them all. 🙂


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