Dumaguete and Siquijor: A Travel to Remember

Date: September 3-4, 2015

Oh well, the Silvanas and the vodoo dolls. Here we go!

This travel was impromptu. Yes, I just had like few hours to pack everything up for this escapade. From the terminal, we rode a bus to the south most part of Cebu and from there, we rode a boat to Dumaguete. We traveled early and I was a bit sleepy but the excitement of reaching there was making me awake the whole time. When I think of Dumaguete, I would always think of sweet Silvanas. It’s a sweet dessert famously from Dumaguete. Before we went back to Cebu, we dropped by at Sans Rival and bought boxes of Silvanas.

We didn’t spend a long time in Dumaguete. We walked around the boulevard, had our brunch and took some pics. Then, we went to the pier to get a boat to Siquijor.

The first exciting thing I’ve done in Siquijor was to ride in a tricycle, but was on the backside standing. And I was really really happy. The trip was to tour the whole island. And we were able to do it by the help and guidance of a very good and nice “Manong Tricycle Driver”.  We went feet dipping in the Fish Spa, walking around the Lazi Church, jumping again and again in Cambuhagay Falls through a root tied to a tree branch (the 2nd exciting thing I’ve done!), swimming in Salagdoong Beach Resort, seeing the amazing view in Guiwanon Spring Park and eating at Dagsa Resto.

We went back to Cebu with full smiles. Aside from the experience, we didn’t spend that much of money on this trip.  🙂


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