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Corregidor Island: A Look Back to History

Date: January 1-2, 2015

                While on the boat from Manila going to Corregidor Island, I can’t contain the anticipation I was feeling. I remembered when I was a kid, through our history classes, that this place witnessed the bravery of our people, our country. Aside from that, the island was also featured on ghost stories and documentaries. See, who wouldn’t love to go here and see its mystery?  Yay!

I got two days to discover it’s wonder. On the first day, we joined a group tour around the island. We were so keen on listening to the tour guide who was really good. I wondered how he’s able to memorize even the smallest details. He’ll be a really good historian if he decides to be in the future.

We went through the Malinta Tunnel which was a war personal bunker but later on became a hospital for the soldiers. And it’s bomb-proof. It was cold inside the tunnel and dark.

We went also to the war memorial museum, battery way, climbed to the Spanish lighthouse and stayed a bit in the Eternal Flame of Freedom for a good view of the sea. Huge cannons and hidden mortars were around the island. And ruins of barracks  were still standing too.

After the tour, we had our dinner and retire for the night at the Corregidor Inn. The view from the inn was amazing. I saw a lot of monkeys walking freely on the street which was really nice.

Next day was the International Marathon day. While waiting in the finish line, I had the time to stroll around the shore and enjoy the view before going back to Manila.

I really enjoyed the trip. Seeing the splendour of the island made me more patriotic. Found no ghost though. 🙂



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