Camiguin: Phone Camera As My Buddy

Date: June 25-28, 2014

You’ll notice by now or soon that my pictures were taken through a mobile camera 🙂 Yes, ’cause I find it more handy. I’m not into photography and I’m not an expert in looking for what they so called “good angles“. I always believe that the experience is what most matters right? Thanks for agreeing with me. 🙂

It was raining the first day I arrived in Camiguin. I stayed in a hostel near the market area which was accessible to stores and souvenirs shops. The main attraction was the Sunken Cemetery where I get to pretend I was a giant holding the cross which was funny but nice.
I hiked to the old Volcano and Station of the Cross, visited the old church ruins and dipped into the Ardent hot spring which was located on the foot of the Volcano. I also visited the very cold Katibawasan falls, had a taste of water from Soda Swimming Pool and wander around downtown. Camiguin was just like those places in the Southern or Northern part of Cebu except that you cannot see malls, departments stores, convenience stores or even those famous fast food chains. Well, maybe these places are soon to be opened.

I spent 2 days in Camiguin and went to Cagayan for a day of wander. Before leaving the Camguin, I never ever have forgotten to buy the famous Camiguin Pastel in Vjandep Pastel Bakery. The next time I’ll come back here, I would love to trek to the top of volcano or go to more hot springs. And should be on October for it’s the Lansones Festival. 🙂


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