Never be afraid if love makes you weak. For me, there is no man greater than those who accept that love makes them different, made them once a fool.  That an exquisite, vivacious feeling has captured once our souls to give meaning to our existence. And, causes us to believe, and like a little child, wish for forever.

But even if this  forever is just a mere wishful thinking, we will always and always been a hopeful someone that someday, our wishes will come true, that stars would smile upon us. Even if these yearning made us weak, down to our knees, we are still hopeful to stand up again to risk for love. And how many times our hearts are shattered, we are still fearless to pick up its pieces and create a whole new one to give out ourselves again to someone worth it.

Someone says that she found a paradox,  that if you love until it hurts, there can be no more hurt, only more love.



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