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Boracay – The Finest Sand I’ve Ever Met

Date: September 2013

White fine sand, clear water and adventure…I’ve been to different beaches but for me, no one has beaten Boracay so far. Let me tell you some of my adventures and how I had the best in Boracay.

3 days in Boracay, was it enough? Honestly, a big No! but when you make the most out of the short days, it’ll be somehow. There are lots of things to do in Boracay and choosing what to do or where to go first is quite tough.

Here are the things we enjoyed most in Boracay:

  • Parasailing – This wasn’t easy but when you conquered this, you feel God-like. Just kidding! I almost cried when we reached the highest point. And laughing while we were moving. I suddenly became mental, I guess.
  • Helmet Diving – I looked like an astronaut but under water.  Who would have thought that a person who can’t swim can go almost 20 feet deep and feeding fishes? Well, I thought of myself after that.
  • Island Hopping/Puka Beach – I almost wanna cover myself with the fine sand when we get to Puka. From our island hopping, we stopped at Puka for a while. The beach was quiet and not crowded just like the main shore and the water was crystal clear.
  • Night booze on the sand – Night life is very alive in Bora. There are many places you can chill or get few bottles to heat up the cold temperature. But my most favorite is to sit on soft pillow or bean bags on the sand, listening to good band singers with some summer worthy songs while holding your own drink. I feel just like in Caribbean. 🙂
  • See a Firedance – Your Bora adventure wouldn’t be complete without seeing a firedance. You got a mini heart-attack while following the poy fires twirl around the dancer.
  • Stroll from Station 1 to Station 3 – This is exhausting but worth it. Best in barefoot.
  • Buy Souvenirs – Go for those sand bottles.
  • Look for the Grandest Sand Castle – There are many of this especially during the afternoon so make sure to have pics and never ever think of kicking them.
  • Watching the Sunset – Sunset looks magical there.
  • Enjoying the Sand – That’s why it’s nice to walk around barefooted. You get to play your feet with the sand.
  • Ice cream and Fruitshake @ Jonah’s – These are the best cold bringer for the warm weather.

I tell you, there are still lots of places and things to try in Bora. I never tried the pub-crawl <Cry emoticon>. So I guess another 3 days again?





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