Someone said life is unfair

Life is unfair..
And i believe so..

Life is not ever a status for me, nor a rule that must be obeyed. Life is not an object, a procedure or a standard. Life is not about schooling, degree, settlement, seeing the world at it’s best or even death.
For me, life is an opportunity- a chance. It’s a universe where people, as individuals meet, joined, pact and share. Living life does not matter who or what you are, but how you can get there and what you can do. Life is a bucket of unpleasantness, dread, pains, failures, mishaps and darkness. But this bucket is only a piece of a puzzle in a much bigger picture. Where, in spite of failures, you become strong and become the person that you are. That, darkness lets you appreciate light. And, at the end of the day, you know what happiness means – happy for you followed your heart.

We can never measure nor create fate for life’s track can never be a one way road. It has a lot of crossroads, intersections and turns. Along the way, we meet people, circumstances, rocks, humps, and even stray souls. But the main thing is, we get to enjoy the opportunity of seeing and experiencing them. And by chance, get to share a part of ourselves to let them know that life is unfair, and they’re not the only one walking on that road. And for all they care it’s your life and people can never walk in your own shoes.

So enjoy life and do more!



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